7 Ingredient Dinner

Okay friends, here comes our first recipe post. I do enjoy making more complicated dishes but most of the time I just like to keep it simple and easy. If I invite friends over I try to pull out all the stops, but for just the fam on a regular Wednesday night, quick, easy, and delicious is the way to go.

If you are like me, you scan Pinterest to get ideas for your weekly dinner menu. I LOVE PINTEREST! I came across a similar recipe for these spicy Italian squares and decided to give it a try. Mostly, because I bought a jar of peppercinis for a recipe a few weeks prior and didn't want the rest of the jar go to waste! Believe it or not it isn't an extremely common ingredient, and I don't like to sit around eating them plain... So this recipe met all my requirements in the quick, easy, and delicious with bonus points for using up an item I already had on hand. Monday I made a trip to the grocery store to gather the other ingredients, and I was ready to go. So here it comes... I am excited to document the very first dinner recipe on our blog!

First, I rolled out the crescent dough on parchment paper and pinched together all the seams. So now I had one big flat piece of dough as a surface to work with.

Then I did a light layer of pesto (anything with pesto is amazing in my opinion). This addition is something that the original recipe didn't have, but I thought it would make it that much better!

I got the ham from our deli department, and to be totally honest, I don't know much about meat. So, in an effort to be frugal I picked the ham that was on sale. I always like to sample the ingredients while I am cooking, and I must say I was pleasantly surprise with this discount ham. It was actually really delicious. I chopped it up to make it easier to work with as well as easier to eat after it was cooked and cut into squares.

Then I topped it with a layer of thickly cut mozzarella cheese. This ingredient makes your filling "ohhey gooey" delicious!

Then a layer of pepperoni. I thought about precooking the pepperoni because it could get greasy... I didn't want to cut into the squares and have orange grease pour out. But it wasn't a problem, crisis averted. After it baked and cooled, I didn't notice any grease.

I topped the pepperoni with a layer of provolone cheese, which I'm not a huge fan of, it is just kind of a blah cheese (cheese is my favorite food group by the way). But I have to say it worked, and paired well with the different ingredients. Plus you can't go wrong with doubling up on the cheese... right?

Then, I took a handful of peppercinis and strained them in the sink, and covered the provolone layer. If I were to make this again, I would chop up the peppercinis and probably use a few less. Especially, since my husband told me in the middle of dinner, "I don't really like peppercinis..." Oh well!

Then I stretched the second layer of crescent dough over the top of my "creation" (which is usually what I call dinner at my house) and pinched the seams together. It was a bit tricky as you can see all the delicious layers are poking out a bit.

With my oven preheated to 350 I baked it for about 15 minutes then checked it. It was still really doughy so I put it backed in for another 10. My oven runs a bit warm so I recommend checking the squares at about 20 minutes. So, if your oven cooks like mine you might end up baking them a total of 30 minutes.

I used my pizza cutter to roll right through these crisp, delicious treats! They would make a great appetizer at a party, or you can pair them with a Caesar salad like I did and serve them for dinner. I also took the leftovers to work the next day and they were great heated up in the microwave!

Friends it is so much fun getting to share this easy recipe with you. I hope you try it out and enjoy it as much as I did. We will continue to post simple recipes that meet all three of my recipe needs... Quick, Easy, and Delicious! If you try this recipe out let me know how it goes for you!

Recipe for Antipasto Squares

Preheat oven to 350

2 crescent rolls packages

2 Tablespoons of pesto

1 lb. of deli ham

1 package of pepperoni

1 package of mozzarella cheese

1 package of sliced provolone cheese

1/4 cup peppercinis (depending on your spicy tolerance)

Roll out dough from one package of crescent rolls into one big sheet. top with pesto layer, ham layer, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, provolone cheese, and peppercinis. Bake for 25 minutes then check

Slice and serve!

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