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As we begin this website and blog most of the people reading our posts will already know at least a little about us. Hopefully our following will grow but for now thank you to our friends, family, acquaintances, and stalkers who are starting out with us. We really appreciate your support! We are excited about introducing you to the blog portion of our site and letting you know what it is all about. Basically telling you a little bit about what you can expect to see from us.

We are two moms who wear a lot of hats, have a lot of interests, and like to dabble in all sorts of different projects. In doing our research before starting a blog one thing everyone says is to find your niche... this has been hard for us because we don't want to be limited to just photography, just design, just food and recipes, or just mom, wife, family advice. In our lives we don't just do one of those things... WE DO THEM ALL! So we are choosing to write about them all, and share it all with you guys. If we travel you will come with us! If we try new things you can try them with us! If we learn something we find new and helpful we will be sharing it with you! If we buy something we don't know how we ever lived without before we are going to tell you about it! As our blog progresses you can expect to see posts about all these different parts of our lives.

This may seemed scattered or unfocused to some people but this is our lives and our blog. So you will get the good, the bad, the boring, and interesting parts of our lives right along side of each other. Our lives are just like yours and they are different every day. But we hope this ever changing sometimes sporadic subject matter keeps things fresh and interesting.

Join us as we do this thing we all call life! But know we may need a little grace as we learn and grow. We want to post things that are interesting to you guys, so please feel free to contact us with questions, suggestions, or ideas that you want us to try or are interested in hearing about. Maybe we are going through the same thing or trying to figure out the same problems and your questions or encouragement are the push we need to dive in and figure it out. So enjoy, please share and...Let's do this together.

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