Pressure Washing

We gave Graham his first bath about a week and a half ago, and boy did he need it. Years of grime and build up on his roof were leaving him looking kind of dingy. As you can see in the image below.

Since it was a beautiful spring day (in February!!!) and the sun was shining we decided to take the plunge, get out the pressure washer and get to scrubbing. Things were not going well at first. My husband was working really hard with a fancy car wash cleaner and detailing mitt, but he didn't seem to be making any progress. That grime was digging in it's heals. It had been there awhile and didn't plan on leaving without a fight.

I knew we needed a way to work smarter and not harder on this project or we wouldn't end up with the result we wanted. So, I went and grabbed one of my Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to try out. I got the idea because last summer our neighbors were trying to clean some build up off their pontoon boats and nothing was working. I grabbed them a Magic Eraser to try and "Wala!" the grime just disappeared. I had a feeling it would work the same for the build up on the trailer. I tried a little area and was like, "look how great this works honey!" My husband was quick to abandon his old tools once he saw how easily the magic eraser seemed to glide around removing the grime. It was like, well, magic! He said I could even quote him as saying, "this is working soooooo much better!" You can see below how the grime immediately began loosening up and became easy to wash away.

Now Graham is clean inside and out and ready to go under his tarp until we break him out to start our next project. See the final results of his bath below. He may not be perfect but he is clean! And for a 17 year old pop up trailer I would say he is looking pretty darn good!

#Colemanpopuptrailer #MrCleanMagicErasers #CleaningtheGrimeAway #WorkSmarternotHarder #MagicEraser #tenttrailer

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