DIY Sensory Jars

As HD is growing (faster than I want to admit) I am trying to find new activities to keep him learning and engaged. Do you ever feel like you baby is bored with you? I did, so I went where I do for all good ideas...Pinterest!! I looked for things to do with your 5 month old, and found some fun things to try out.

One idea was filling a Ziploc with water, food coloring, and baby oil, and putting it on the floor for your baby to explore. Well, my baby didn't like that idea, so I tried it in a bottle and got much better results. Keep reading for the details on how to make a sensory jar your baby will love too!

I like the Voss water bottles because its really easy to get all the sticky plastic packaging off, that was step 1. Then I took a big drink because like most busy moms I was probably dehydrated! Also you need some room in the bottle to add other ingredients, so win, win.

I added a few drops of blue and green food coloring, you could do any color. I am just loving everything mint/teal/sea green these days!

Then, I squirted in some clean baby oil gel (this was actually a mistake which I will explain later, but don't follow this step-keep reading to find out what works better). As you can tell in the picture the oil looks weird, and not in a good way. I think its because it is thicker than regular oil? Not sure, I'm not a scientist!

Then I added green and blue glitter. Glitter is either one of those crafty things that people love or hate! If you hate glitter, you could switch it out and use sequins to give it a reflective element that will catch your baby's eye and captivate them. If you love glitter, go crazy and add the whole bottle!

I also added some blue glass bits from the dollar store. I'm pretty sure they are supposed to be for your fish tank but I thought they were pretty so I threw them in too! They were a little tricky to see, but they still gave the bottle another dimension.

But, like I said earlier, I didn't like how the baby oil looked in the jar. I really wanted more separation between the water and oil. This gel just didn't give the bottle the effect that I wanted. So, I did what you can do if you don't like something you put in the bottle...dump it out and start over! I poured it into a colander so I didn't lose the blue glass. Then I poured some dish soap in the jar and ran it under hot water.

There was still a little bit of the oil in the jar, but I didn't want to spend time scrubbing the bottle, so I decided it was okay to have a little left over residue and began again. I filled the bottle most of the way with water, and repeated the steps above, except I added vegetable oil this time instead. instead of baby oil.

I really enjoyed how the blue and green food coloring mixed together, and thought it would be a fun step to let older children help with. HD was sleeping so he missed that step!

Last I added more glitter and hoped for a better result...

I twisted the cap back on and gave it a shake. If I had older kids, I would have glued or taped the lid on so I wouldn't end up with green glitter carpet! But since HD can only twist his hips, I figured I was safe without the glue.

Below you will see that HD did enjoy his sensory bottle! It took a few extra steps but the result was worth it! I could see the wheels turning in his head and his eyes light up with wonder!

I hope your baby or young child enjoys their sensory bottle, and it gives them hours, or at least a few minutes of fun! If you have older kids you could also use this as a quiet time jar, or time out jar. Where they have to wait for all the glitter to settle before they can move on to another activity.

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