Installing A New Outdoor Shower

How to Replace a Tent Trailer Outdoor Shower

One of the small projects we wanted to make sure we completed on our pop up tent trailer before going on our first camping trip was changing out our old, leaky and quite frankly gross outdoor shower. As you can see in the picture above it was not one of the things that got scrubbed. But there was no sense bothering to clean it since it was getting replace anyways.

New Outdoor Shower for Pop Up Tent Trailer

Here all the tools we used to complete this project as well as the shower insert that we purchased in case you were thinking of changing out your outdoor shower but wanted to be fully prepared before you started.

The first thing we had to do was pop up the trailer so we would be able to unscrew the hot and cold water line connections that were under the bench in our table. They were fairly easy to untwist by hand.

But then we ran into our first unexpected problem. By husband asked me whether he needed a Phillips or Flat Head drill bit to detach the outdoor shower enclosure. My response was, "um you need a circle one with three sticky outy lines." So, of course he had to come check it out, because that description wasn't very helpful. Turns out it they were rivets instead of screws. I thought our project was going to come to a screeching halt.

Luckily, my husband is very innovative and knew a work around solution... and he quickly got the job done. He took one of his drill bits and began drilling out each screw head until the top popped off and he was able to use a small pry bar to then gently pull it away from the sides and slide the old insert out.

Once he got the old insert out, we ran into unexpected problem #2. The holes for the hot and cold water lines didn't match up on our new unit with where the old holes were. So, we had to drill new holes in the correct locations. Not a big problem, just something we weren't expecting to have to do. We are still undecided whether we will patch in the old holes or just leave them since they are hidden inside the bench storage area.

Which brings us to unexpected problem #3 our new insert was slightly larger than our old unit. We tried finagling it into place, but could tell it wasn't fitting quite right. So, we got out the jigsaw and trimmed away a little bit on the bottom of the current cut out. Then we tested it again and it fit perfectly. Problem solved!

My husband loves to do things "The Right Way" I usually like to do them the quick way and this next step wouldn't even have crossed my mind.

He had purchased this Vent Installation Kit to put on the inserts behind where the screws would go in to help guard against leaks and water damaged that could be caused by water leaking in behind the insert. He just took out the tape and curved it all the way around the insert.

The next step is pretty straight forward we installed the insert and put in all new screws. We used the ones that came with the Vent Installation kit.

Then, we decided to clean up the new holes we drilled earlier for the water lines so that the tubing would fit smoothly through without getting caught up.

Next, we installed the hot and cold water knobs. Pushing the tubing through to the inside and then reattaching the water lines. Once again they just screwed back on nice and easy. Now we have a nice new, non leaky outdoor shower on our pop up trailer. We see it getting a lot of use cleaning off dirty children or sandy feet as we explore the outdoors!

We hope this post was helpful to you if you are looking to replace your outdoor shower on your pop up tent trailer. Below are links to the some of the items we used. If you have any questions about any of these step or the tools that we used just leave us a comment. We would be glad to answer any questions you might have!

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