Carpeting our Trailer Step

Carpeting our pop up trailers step was a very quick and easy project, it was also very gratifying because of the immediate improvement you are able to see. This is a project we saw while scrolling through Pinterest and just knew we needed to do to hide our scratched and worn out step. As you can see above it was in rough condition.

So, on our next trip to our local Jerry's Home Improvement Store, we picked up a small amount of the rug you see above to use for our project. They sell it by the foot, and we got 3 feet just to make sure we had plenty. The first thing we did was test fit it on the step as you can see it was a little too wide and a little too long.

So, of course my husband grabbed my kitchen scissors to use for the project. He has a tendency to think my kitchen utensils also make great tools for his outdoor projects. There was this one time he tried to use my handheld mixer to shred apart hydro-mulch for the yard... but I digress. As you can see above, we trimmed the end first to get the length correct.

Then we trimmed the sides down. The rug had lines on it so it was really easy to cut a straight line once we knew where to begin cutting.

We used some liquid nails in a caulking tube to glue our rug down. It was a nice sunny day, and you could feel the heat coming off the rug so we knew it would set up nicely. Just for good measure we also put on some clamps around the edges for about a half an hour to make sure it really set up.

Overall, this was a really simple project with no unexpected issues. And man it looks so much better! The total cost of this project was about $15 and it took about 40 minutes including time for the liquid nails to set up. We are very happy with how it looks, and hope it will have an added benefit of helping keep more dirt out of the trailer. If you have any questions just let us know!


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