Counting Every Blessing...

Counting Every Blessing

I recently went to a Rend Collective concert...and it was awesome! Probably the best concert of my life. The band was so lively and funny and it was just what my soul needed. On their new album, "Good News" they have a song called, "Counting every blessing" and I feel like they wrote it just for me. Have you ever felt that way about a song? Like it just put into words what you needed to hear, or described how you felt perfectly? It's magic...or if you are like's Holy Spirit.

I am currently walking through a very difficult season of life, yet it is full of God's blessings. I had a close friend hurt me very badly, so badly that it completely broke the trust between us. It was hard to look at them the same, and every word that came out of their mouth I wondered if it was true or not. However, I love this person deeply, and so you can sense my heartbreak and pain.

Counting Every Blessing

I have learned in this life that when hard things come your way, run to God! Your Heavenly Father wants to help you, has a plan for you, and will work this horrible situation into good. After all, He used the death of his beloved son to save the world. Talk about turning bad into good. So that's what I did. I ran to Jesus, I cried, I searched the scriptures, I prayed (without ceasing it seemed), I confided in a close friend and asked them to pray for me too. I read devotions and I poured out my true feelings before Him. And you know what He did? He used this situation to teach me about His love.

Counting Every Blessing

I would listen to this song about counting my blessings, and trusting God when I can't see what He is doing, as well as, declaring that in every season He is good to me. It's easy to believe those things in the good times, when life is perfect, and you have a great job, and your spouse and you have time to connect, and your kids are listening, and your house is clean! But when life is hard, and everyone walks through hard seasons of life, it doesn't seem like God is there, or that He cares or that He is going to turn this bad situation into something that you can actually be thankful for later. But He does, He always does!

Counting Every Blessing

As a follower of Christ, I want to love like He does (which is a tall order). But His love always trusts, never gives up, always hopes for the best, and never remembers the wrongs. So that's how I decided to love my friend. See love and trust can be earned over time or they can be a choice that you make today. I choose to forgive quickly, but trusting was much harder. To put myself out there and risk being hurt again to save an important friendship didn't come easy. But as you follow God, He will lead you to places you couldn't get on your own. He led me to trust my friend, to love like Him...and you know what came and peace. Fruits of His Spirit-they always follow Him, and I want to too!

I realize everyone processes hurt differently, and maybe you have been hurt bad, really bad. Maybe you have been abused, forgotten, shamed, left out to dry by someone you loved. God's answer is still the That's what He did for us, when He hung on that cross. It's not easy, oh and sometimes it's not fun, but I promise His joy and peace will fill you, and turn your bad into good.

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