Easter is Coming!

Well folks, Easter is coming, and I love Easter! I love Easter both for the festivities and the true meaning behind the Holiday. Celebrating and decorating for Easter is something I really enjoy because for me it means bringing family and friends together. One of the things I like to do for decor is update my huge chalkboard sign.

I haven't updated my sign since last summer, when I created this Ice Cream Shoppe themed sign for JBean's birthday party (pictured below). I originally told myself I would update it for every holiday, but I have been slacking lately. So, I thought I would get on top of things and change up my sign for Easter. This sign is something that I love, use a lot, and I got for super cheap at a garage sale.

Easter is Coming by JeJe Design

A little background on my sign... When I got it, it was a mirror. I bought it knowing I wouldn't want it to stay a mirror... I had plans, big plans. It actually isn't even real wood, which is surprising but doesn't make me love it any less. Anyways, when I got it the molding was an awful brown, and the mirror had some scratches on it. So, I was able to scoop it up for $7! SEVEN DOLLARS you guys what a steal!!

I was so excited I didn't even really look at anything else. I wanted to get it in my car before they realized what a mistake they were making. I knew it was something that would have to be ripped from my "cold dead fingers" once money was exchanged, I love it that much! Sorry if that was a little morbid, but one of my favorite bloggers, Mandi at Vintage Revivals turned me onto the phrase, and it perfectly describes how I feel about this mirror turned sign. You guys should totally check her out!

Back to my project. Turning the mirror into a sign was super easy. Especially, because my husband ended up doing most of the hard stuff for me. Love him! He removed the old mirror, used his paint sprayer to paint the molding white, and put in a thin smooth board for me to paint with chalkboard paint. It was actually a super quick and easy project. So, I didn't feel that bad that he mostly did it himself. And now I LOVE IT!!

Easter is Coming by JeJe Design

When buying chalkboard paint I purchased a quart, and decided I would just paint over my chalk every time I wanted to change the design. This does add another step, but I like how nice and clean it makes my signs look.

Easter is Coming by JeJe Design

To create the design for my Easter sign I used ideas from 3 different signs I found on Pinterest for inspiration. I used this one for the Happy Easter writing, this one for the Egg Hunt writing, arrow, and eggs, and this one for the bunny.

Before I got started I used some blue Painters tape to put some straight lines as guides for my writing. To do the writing I used a chalk pen instead of a piece of chalk. They can be a little tricky but I like the way they look much better then regular chalk. When I had smearing I just used my Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and cleaned it right up! I love this Happy Easter sign! I will be using it as decor for my house as well as my annual egg hunt!

How are you guys getting ready for Easter?

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