Updating My Kitchen

April 14, 2018


   So, if you have been reading for awhile or know me, you know I love to cook & bake... which means I spend a lot of time in my kitchen. However, if you have ever been to my house you would know I detest my tiny ugly pink and blue plaid kitchen.

   I mean, I love pink as much as the next girl, but not on every wall... and especially not on my ceilings. So, last weekend I was feeling ready for a new project... and decided to take a few steps towards loving my tiny kitchen. 

   One of the things I liked least about my kitchen were the floors... They were slightly yellowed from years of sun damage, and there was no way to get them completely clean.

   At one point we bought a brush that attaches to a drill so we could really deep clean them... but after we scrubbed for an 30 minutes in a 2' x 2' area they didn't look any different then before we began scrubbing. So they were basically blue, yellowish beige, and dirt stained floors. Yuck!


   For new flooring we didn't want to get anything expensive, because this kitchen is semi temporary (10 years or so), we are hoping to do a large addition in the future and really expand the kitchen, dinning area, and living room.

   We went to our local Jerry's Hardware store to look at our options. I knew I wanted to do flooring that looked like painted tiles, and was easy to clean.

   There were only two options that met this criteria at Jerry's. Originally, I thought I wanted the vinyl that had more contrast, but when they rolled this one down and I saw the light on it... it was just so light, bright, and airy I knew this would help my little kitchen feel larger. And, as a added plus it was also on sale! Only $1.45/sqft it was meant to be. We bought a piece that was 12' X 17', put it in our car and home we went to install it. 

   Before getting started there were two minor repairs that we decided we wanted to make. There was a corner section by the sliding glass door that needed to be filled in so the flooring wouldn't bubble or be uneven, and we decided to caulk all around the flooring to help with our homes efficiency. 

    The first step in placing the flooring was absolutely the hardest. We had to unroll the whole sheet and get it folded into manageable sections. It took quite a bit of work and a little sweat but we were able to get it folded like you see above, which allowed us to get started. 

    As you can see my