Easy DIY- Cabinet Under the Sink Upgrade

Easy DIY Under the Sink Upgrade by JeJe Design

The other day I was cleaning my house and I happened upon my pile of left over flooring scraps from doing the kitchen floor, you can read more about that here. We had saved some of the bigger scraps for doing other "random projects". My girls were playing nicely in the playroom so I thought it was the perfect time for me to do one of those "random projects".

Easy DIY Updateing Bathroom Cabinets

The Jack & Jill bath room has dual sinks and at one point for about a week or so one of the sinks was dripping inside the cabinet. We got it cleaned up and fixed but now had a little bubbling in the base and some black marks from who knows what during the repair. In the picture below you can see that little bit of bubbling in the back (we did let it dry for a week or so before I did this project so as not to trap in any moisture). And you can see the black smudge mark, not a huge deal, but now pretty.

So I decided I was going to use some of the extra flooring to completely cover the inside bottom of the cabinet. Not many tools were needed... my kitchen scissors (of course), and a measuring tape. Why do my kitchen scissors seem to make it into my DIY projects... I'm not sure...maybe I need a second pair. One for to use in the kitchen and one specifically for projects.

I opened all the cupboards to check out what size of a scrap I would need, and how many pieces I would need. I found that I would need to cut just one big piece instead of two separate ones. So, I began taking my measurements. I took the long measurement along the back of the cabinet and the wide measurement for how deep it was going to be. Mine was 65" x 20 1/4" so I cut it 65 1/4 x 20 1/2" that way I knew it would be big enough. I knew I would need to trim it down once it was in place, but better too big than too small.

I also noticed I needed to cut a notch in the middle back of my piece for the structure supporting the drawers. So, I had to measure from both sides to make sure it was in the center and then also how big to cut it. The notch was 1" x 3" I cut that one exactly, because it would be too hard to trim once it was in place.

Once again I realized how much I loved the grid on the back of the flooring! It made it so easy to know where to cut and make sure I was cutting straight lines.

After I got it all cut out I opened the drawers on both sides and slid out the bottom drawer so I had room to work. It was pretty easy to slide in and then trim once I got it in place. As you can see the from the results below it looks amazing! I was very happy with the results!

Looks pretty good right? So there you have it quick, easy, and free (my favorite price)! Let me know what you think about this projects, and what quick and easy DIY projects you have going on!

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