White Chocolate Rice Crispy Treats

May 12, 2018

   These delicious and festive treats are perfect for welcoming in Spring, for a party, or to celebrate mothers day! I love rice crispy treats and have been really getting into the different variations that you can create. There is actually a lot of different things you can do with rice crispy treats to mix it up. This one is so simple yet pretty and delicious!

    To begin you are going to need 2 different bowls, one large one that you will do your final mixing in and a microwaveable bowl to melt your marshmallows in. To start I use that large final bowl and measure out 6 cups of rice crispy cereal into the bowl. 

   Then you are going to grab your other bowl, I like to use my large pyrex measuring bowl. I usually take about 2/3 of my bag of marshmallows and put them in the bowl with about 4 TBS of butter, I pop that in the microwave for about a minute and then check on it. If your marshmallows are poofed up at this point you are good take them out. If not set it for 30 more seconds but keep your eyes on it. 

   After you pull them out of the microwave you will add 1 tsp of almond extract. You can definitely use vanilla extract but I prefer the almond for this recipe. Then add 2 TBS of milk. And last add the rest of your bag of marshmallows. Then mix it all together.

     Your marshmallow mixture should now look like this. Slightly lumpy is just perfect don't try to get it perfectly smooth. Then pour that this mixture into your large bowl with the rice crispy cereal. 

   Once you have your rice crispy cereal and marshmallow mixture all combined throw in a handful (about 1 cup) of white chocolate chips.

 Then you are going to spread your mixture evenly in the 9 x 13 pan (that you have sprayed with non stick cooking spray). I have found that after I dump my mixture into the pan if i get a little butter on your fingers it is really easy to spread it out without getting sticky fingers. Alternatively you could also use a rubber spatula, I have found that that works really well as well.

   Then I of course had to top it with two different kinds of colorful sprinkles to add a little color and festive fun. If you like regular rice crispy treats you should try mixing it up next time and trying this recipe!


White Chocolate Rice Crispy Treats


6 cups rice crispy cereal

1 bag mini marshmallows (divided)

4 TBS butter

1 tsp almond extract

2 TBS milk

1 cup white chocolate chips



Get out 2 bowls, one large one and one needs to be microwaveable. In the large one add your rice crispies. Then in the other bowl add 2/3 of your bag of marshmallows and 4 TBS butter. Put in microwave for 1 minute and watch for butter to melt and marshmallows to poof up. add 30 second intervals if needed. Then add almond extract and milk. and the rest of the marshmallows. Mix until combined but still lumpy. Then pour it in your other bowl with the rice crispies. Mix then add white chocolate chips and mix again. Smooth into greased 9 x 13 casserole dish. Top with sprinkles, cut, serve, enjoy!



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