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Baby Boy Young Coming December 2018

Sorry we have been quiet for so long everyone. We've had a couple big (or maybe I should say small) things going on that have been distracting us from getting our work done here on the blog. Of course there was/is Jessie's move into her new house, and renovations. Also as some of you have probably heard Jessie is expecting a second baby boy! Wahoo! But less of you probably know that I am also expecting a baby boy! So crazy right! The crazier thing is we are only 19 days apart due date wise! We are both expecting baby boys in December!

We always thought it would be so fun to be pregnant at the same time. But honestly, I never really thought it would happen. It will be so fun to have cousins so close in age, living so close together, going to school together, and growing up together! But this shared experience has left us both dealing with the same pregnancy symptoms at relatively the same time. Plus there is just s much going on in the summer it seems hard to keep up with day to day life and projects, let alone blog about them too!

Neither of us had extremely easy first trimesters (not to say the other two trimesters are easy). We were both exhausted pretty much 24/7 and have also been dealing with "morning sickness", also known as all day nausea... not sure who named it "morning sickness" but they were wrong! In fact mine is generally worse in the evenings.

For some reason extreme exhaustion, nausea, and our busy day to day lives left us a little lacking in motivation to contributing to our blog for the past couple months. Go figure huh? But we are hoping to start bringing you more updates, recipes, and projects soon... just be patient with us pregnant ladies. I assure you we are doing our best to get back on top of things.

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