This is us!


     sisters who have gone into business together to become your personal lifestyle design consultants. We do photography, home décor & interior design. We want to make your world more beautiful by highlighting the elegant, simple treasures that lie hidden. We have also started a blog to share with you how we are attempting to conquer it all by making things simple but stylish.



Jennifer Young & Jessica Duncan
The Youn Family

Why we created JeJe Design

    Our families mean everything to us, and they are a major part of why we started this business. We are both crafty and creative by nature and wanted to put our special interests and talents to work for not only ourselves but others as well. We would both describe our dream career as "stay at home mom." While this may be the most fulfilling career we can imagine for ourselves it doesn't help pay the bills. And everybody knows when you are "adulting" your bills have to get paid. So we decided to take our skills and talents and put them to work helping others too.




The Duncan Family

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       Jennifer Young                    


       Jessica Duncan