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This is us!

Jennifer & Jessica


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     sisters who have gone into business together to become your personal life time photographers. We do photography because it is a artistic outlet for us that allows us to watch your family grow and remember every special stage. As moms and sisters we understand that every stage of life is special and we want to capture it so it never slips away. 



Jennifer Young


Jessica Duncan

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Why we created JeJe Design


   Our families mean everything to us, and they are a major part of why we started this business. We are both crafty and creative by nature and wanted to put our special interests and talents to work for not only ourselves but others as well. We would both describe our dream career as "stay at home mom." While this may be the most fulfilling career we can imagine for ourselves it doesn't help pay the bills. And everybody knows when you are "adulting" your bills have to get paid. So we decided to take our skills and talents and put them to work helping others too.




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When you have a photo session with JeJe Design our #1 concern is customer satisfaction. We believe working together as a team helps us to ensure that you get beautiful results, that we know you will be happy with. Jessica Duncan will be your photographer and Jennifer Young will be on site to help with posing and then behind the scenes editing the photos. If you have any concerns before your session please contact us we would be glad to answer any questions you might have, and we will work with you to make sure you get the session you desire.

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